Records & Merch
In my work with Skatelab Skatepark and Pulley, I embarked on creating a broad range of designs for skateboards, records, CDs, and T-shirts. This work is a dive into merging the vibrant energy of skateboarding with the spirit of punk music, yielding visuals that strongly resonate with both communities. Each piece is designed to not only elevate brand presence but also to engage deeply with fans, showcasing a careful balance between authenticity and visual allure.
Pulley - No Change in the Weather (2016)
Art direction, design and photography.
Pulley - The Long and the Short of It (2008)
Design and inking.
Pulley - Time-Insensitive Material (2008)
Art direction, design and photography.
Skatelab Skatepark & Museum
Art direction and design.
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