Motion Graphics & Video Bumpers

Embracing the concept that force creates motion, my animations and video bumpers delve into making motion both natural and aesthetically pleasing. By exaggerating laws of motion and focusing on craft and composition, my work transcends simple movement to convey deep emotion and narrative. Utilizing principles of animation such as timing and spacing, squash and stretch, and anticipation, each piece emerges as dynamic, engaging, and visually captivating.
Build SFU Bumper
Stop Workplace Violence Bumper
Seaspan Bumper
BCGEU Animated Centennial Logo
Medical Laboratory Professionals Week Social Media Bumper
BCGEU 2021 Convention Logo Reveal
BCGEU 2024 Convention Logo Bumper
Pulley - European Tour bumper
Candidates Forum on Public Services - Convention Screensaver
2024 BCGEU Video Bumper
BCGEU Worksite Visit Animation
2023 Child Care Month Social Media Sharable
AffordableBC - BC Real Estate Value Graph
BC Children's Hospital - Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre
BCGEU Spirit of Leadership Logo Reveal
BCGEU Step Up! - Union Structure animation
BCGEU - Story of the Dogwood
BCGEU Social Media Audio Visualiser
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