ALS is a global leader in providing laboratory testing, inspection, certification and verification solutions. These are some videos I created for them.
ALS Safety Culture Video
The safety induction video I created for ALS Global takes a heartfelt approach to traditionally formal content. This emotive video features employees holding up personalized signs about safety, conveying messages like "I'll look out for you," which foster a culture of mutual care and vigilance. Originally designed for North American audiences, the video's universal appeal led to its adoption in ALS labs worldwide, now reaching over 13,000 employees across 300 locations. 
ALS tradeshow loop
This tradeshow loop video I filmed and edited for ALS Global is meant to visually convey their laboratory's preciseness and technical processes, such as fire assay. Intended for continuous display at trade shows, it offers visitors a window into the company's operational excellence without a word spoken—ideal for the bustling and often noisy trade show environment. The video demonstrates the precise and methodical nature of ALS Global's services, engaging potential clients and partners with a glimpse into the company's dedicated analytical practices.
ALS tradeshow loop for USA (Shot at the Reno, NV facility)
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